Join us for the Sauti Village Benefit

Nine children with Sauti Village, four standing in back and five sitting in front.

Sauti Village

Sauti Village works to equip children out of poverty across African countries from a culturally empowered lens. We do this by partnering each child with an African mentor to empower them through mentorship and connect them to relevant talent programs.

Join us for the Sauti Village Benefit

October 28, 2023 | 3:00 p.m. | Cumberland Community Church

Our ongoing program is currently providing support to 20 students, impacting their lives in profound ways. Our aspirations are high – we envision empowering and transforming the futures of 100 students by early 2024.


To fortify this mission, we are excitedly preparing for the Sauti Village Benefit. This event serves as the cornerstone of our endeavor, enabling us not only to sustain but also expand our program’s reach. Through your participation, we can extend the rays of hope to more deserving young minds.

With your support, the fundraiser promises a far-reaching impact. It guarantees vital resources and meaningful opportunities for vulnerable communities, creating a ripple effect of positive change. And at the heart of it all, the profound impact of sharing the gospel – nurturing not only minds but spirits, fostering lasting transformation.

Your involvement resonates far beyond the event; it resonates through the lives of these children, echoing in their futures. Together, let’s light a brighter path and rewrite destinies.

About Alexis Belton

Pro golfer Alexis Belton after swinging a golf club on a green course

This November holds a remarkable promise. Alexis Belton, a distinguished professional golfer, will journey to Kenya. Beyond her impressive skills, she carries with her the potential to inspire our champions with golf lessons. The sport, often a privilege, can become a powerful tool to forge a path out of poverty, a gateway to opportunities previously unimaginable.


Alexis Belton is a passionate force in the golf world, drawing from her extensive experience as a tour player on the Women’s Australian Tour, LPGA Epson Tour and World Long Drive Tour to educate, build and grow the game of golf. Having achieved considerable success, finishing her career on the World Long Drive Tour as #1 American and #3 in the world, she now uses her knowledge to bring the opportunities of golf to everyone in various creative ways.

Words from Founder Jey Mbiro

“Growing up poor and surrounded by abject poverty contributed to my lack of confidence and motivation. This was the story of many in the same surrounding. There was nothing to look forward to until l I encountered something great. This is where my journey began.


My life changed as a result of mentorship and guidance. I gained a purpose through the words and the wisdom of those that cared enough to do something. Out of my experience I decided to impact the younger generation to pass on what I gained.


Sauti One aims at contributing to intergenerational equity by creating meaningful spaces and directly impacting young people for the sake of the future.”



Sauti Village founder Jey Mbiro speaking into a microphone onstage.

For just $50 per month, you can empower one child through mentorship.

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